Self-Assessment and Your Career Choices…

Here is some information that takes us back to the need for you to self-assess  your strengths, skills, and interests. All of which will help you make suitable training and occupation choices aligned with the subjects you are studying. Careers are a lifelong development process – self assessment is a critical first step in that journey.

The Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) is on its way. According to a World Economic Forum (WEF) discussion as far back as early 2019, the 5IR will focus more on values, ethics, and asking ourselves questions like ‘are we using technologies for the good of the world?’. The conversation highlighted the need to do corporate and individual soul-searching.

So, how does that affect you as the learner right now? In May 2021 a WEF Agenda article looked at ‘Jobs of the Future – For 2030 and Beyond’. The information – based on the Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index© (CJoF Index), identified that the jobs of the future would focus on… Algorithms, Automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence), Customer Experience, Environmental, Fitness and Wellness, Healthcare, Legal and Financial Services, Transport, and Work Culture.