Current Subject Offerings

Most of the lessons are conducted in isiZulu – a decision informed by the 2011 census and informal feedback about challenges that learners face when lessons are not presented in their home language. In 2011 there were 11 587 374 (22.7%) isiZulu home language speakers – the majority in South Africa.


…accumulating and reporting on financial information is one of the key focus areas in managing the performance of any business – it contributes to decision-making, the misuse of assets, cost control and financial management efficiency.

English (FAL)

… language is our primary source of communication and in our modern world English has become an international language in fields including business, science, information technology, and entertainment.

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

… knowledge and skills enables you to create, design, and communicate information in different formats – the collection, analysis, and processing of data contributes to communicating in an information society.


…  provides you with current and historical knowledge about economies, politics, and social aspects – it touches almost all aspects of our lives and includes understanding basic physical systems that contribute to lessening the impact of disasters.

isIZulu (HL)

… a language shapes the way people perceive and define culture – while bilingualism is an asset, your Mother tongue shapes emotions and thoughts and plays a significant role in learning other languages.


… is fundamental to human thought and logic and includes quantitative reasoning and spatial ability– it builds mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning all of which plays a crucial role in understanding other subjects like economics, the sciences, and the arts.

Physical Science

… is the study of the inorganic world – astronomy, physics, chemistry, and earth sciences including meteorology and geology – almost everything in modern life depends on centuries of physical science discoveries.


… is about your emotional, health, physical, and social well-being – creating that balance in this important year of your school life will assist you beyond Grade 12 – it will contribute to you balancing your personal and work life.

Career Guidance

… needs to be underpinned by a self-assessment of your strengths, skills, and interests – doing so will help you make suitable training and occupation choices aligned with the subjects you are studying.

Digital Literacy

… and Coding, Robotics, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Makerspace are all aimed at developing computational thinking that promotes problem, solving, and teamwork.

Financial Literacy

… being financially literate will help you track your spending, know how important it is to track how you spend your money – all of which will contribute to planning your savings and future investments.