‘It helped me a lot I can’t even thank you enough for creating this platform.’

‘My experience was excellent and enjoyable, and I have learned to be independent.’

‘Lesson content was good and the tutors using my home language was also good.’

‘Things were difficult before I know about ithala because I’m working, Saturday student, a mother and wife so thank you very much for this platform.’

‘Thank you for everything 👏🔥   it was indeed a bad year but u make it easy like never before I’m grateful😊👏❤️’

‘Thank you so much…I appreciate what’s have you done for me as a learner class of 2020 thank u👏🏼’

‘Thank you so much for your help….yoo im done ngesikole’

‘We thank you so much for your help throughout the examination… and may your foundation grow stronger and stronger❤️💯🙌’

‘Thanks u so much … no words can express my gratitude’

‘Actually wanna thank you guys for the work you did….You really helped us ,you helped us to believe in ourselves when wanted to give up and you helped us to gain…Thank You’

‘I also thank you for giving me exam prep on time…I thank you all guys🙏🏽’

‘Special thanks for all the help that we received may you continue doing the great work 👏🏼

‘Happy Holidays 🙌🙌 thanks for great job you did for learners’ (from a Teacher)

The IEP Tutors are at the forefront of the success of the Platform. The benefit of which is best described in comments like these received from the 2022 Grade 12 Learners during the year-end examinations.

Sanibonani…Mem I just wanna say thank you so much you really helped me yesterday special in Q1 umbhalo B [English Tutor]

Thisha sacela ukudlulisa amazwi okubunga for everything you’ve thought [of] us and we really appreciate you for that kindness. Thank you so much. Mr i would like to thank you for your tutorial.. they really have helped me… you teach children that you do not even know but you did …you spent time teaching us instead of being with your family i am very thankful.. [Geography Tutor]

Mem you for keeps… ngibhale kahle kacool namuhla izisulu up2 wami especially izinkondlo ngenxa yakho” [isiZulu Tutor]

Tributes from beyond Grade 12…

Mfihle who obtained a bachelor’s degree matric pass: “I had a lot of relief during my final year of school with the Ithala Edu Platform which helped me focus on my favourite subjects such as physical science, IsiZulu and English.”

Sbahle Welile Khumalo who obtained a distinction in isiZulu: “Ithala Edu’s platform exposed me to many tutorials that helped prepare for the year-end exams since teachers were readily available to assist us online and even share previous exam materials… this platform provides thousands of students with help during difficult times.”

Sindiswa Khanyile who obtained a bachelor’s degree matric pass with distinctions : “The Ithala Edu Platform was most helpful during the challenging time of the pandemic and final year of studies. The lockdown made our studies difficult because we missed a lot of learning sessions, but many students were able to push and still give their best efforts. I applaud Ithala for this amazing opportunity by helping many students from various schools.”

Siyabonga Dlamini: “I enjoyed using the Ithala Edu Platform as it helped me to concentrate and to better understand subjects. The Ithala Edu platform also helped me study online, which was new for me.”

Yolanda Nkhambule: “I would recommend the Ithala Edu Platform as it assisted me in learning a great deal in many of the subjects such as physical science, mathematics, life science, and isiZulu. Thank you to Ithala for giving thousands of students this opportunity to help get through our final year of studies.”